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Which Wrist to Wear Your Watch

How to properly wear your quality watch.

When it comes to your Taki Watch, we know you want to show off its color and fashionable style the best way possible. No matter what style you choose, your watch says a lot about you; why not wear your watch the right way, so everyone knows what a fashion icon you truly are? You may be thinking to yourself, how can there be a right way to wear my watch? You are right; technically there is no one RIGHT way to wear your watch, but there is the best way, emphasizing its beauty and its style. If you have your Taki Watch on right now, look down at your wrists. Which wrist is it on? Quality watches for sale online You may have noticed, men wear their watch on one wrist while women tend to wear it on another. There is no correct side to wear your watch and generally speaking, many people just wear it on the wrist that feels most natural. At this point, putting your watch on is probably a subconscious thing you do. The next time you put your watch on, though, you may want to take this into consideration before you do.

Right or left, your non-dominate hand is just easier.

Which hand you wear your watch on has been analyzed throughout time, but the truth is it does not matter. Men are not supposed to wear it on the right where women do on the left; it is not a wedding band, it is a fashion statement that serves a purpose. For most, the wrist you choose to wear your watch on is opposite of your dominant hand. Think about when you are at work; you use your dominant hand more frequently and if your watch was on that same wrist, you may find it uncomfortable. Whether typing, writing, or even working out, you do not want something getting in the way of your natural movements. Not only does wearing you watch on your non-dominant hand make things more comfortable, but it is also easier to tell the time when you lift your wrist to see the face of your watch. Ultimately the decision is up to you, though. Whether you choose your right or your left wrist, all that matters that you wear your watch with pride. Shop our wide selection of quality watches online now and get free shipping on your order today.

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