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Will Your Taki Watch Feature Leather Or Nylon?

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At Taki Watches, we design our contemporary watches featuring bands, or straps, made of genuine leather and ballistic nylon. Both of these materials are great choices for your next wristwatch whether you’re looking for a bold timepiece to bring a pop of color to the office or a comfortable, stylish watch for your weekend activities. Let’s look at some of the advantages of each of these band materials.


Taki watches come in varied leather textures, so you can opt for a smooth or textured cowhide depending on what you prefer. Leather bands are known for being comfortable, form-fitting, and timelessly stylish. We love leather because it’s easy to form and fit into our sleek designs, and you’ll love the classic style, comfort, and low maintenance that comes with genuine leather. To clean your leather watch, simply remove surface dirt with a dry cloth.


In addition to leather, we also use ballistic nylon in the manufacture of our watch bands. Ballistic nylon is a synthetic nylon material that is thick and strong. Nylon itself is known for being a strong but lightweight material, making it ideal for wristwatch design. Nylon band maintenance is as simple as it is with the leather band. Simply wipe the surface of the band with a dry cloth to remove grime buildup.

Taki Watches wants our timepieces to be as comfortable as they are stylish. Browse our selection now to view our various watches for sale. Will you opt for a leather band watch or go with the nylon? Have questions regarding Taki’s contemporary watches? Feel free to get in touch with us online.

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