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Why Should I Wear a Wristwatch?

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If you ask certain people why they choose not to wear wristwatches, the most common response you’ll get is that watches are irrelevant with modern technology. “Why should I wear a wristwatch,” someone may wonder, “when I can easily check the time on my cell phone?” It’s true that the time is much more easily accessible than it once was, but there are still many reasons to wear a wristwatch.

Why Should I Wear a Wristwatch?

Accessorize Your Daily Ensembles

One of the main benefits of wristwatches is that they allow both men and women to accessorize. In fact, wristwatches are one of the only accessories men can acceptably wear, especially in a professional or formal setting. Women, too, will love to accessorize with elegant, fun, or wild wristwatches. Do you prefer to keep your accessories to a minimum to preserve your simplistic style? A wristwatch is a great way to balance fashion with function.  

Avoid Rudely Looking at Your Phone

check watchYou’re sitting at Thanksgiving dinner with a dozen of your extended family members, and someone peeks at his or her phone at least every five minutes. Does this really feel like Thanksgiving dinner? Holiday meals aren’t the only circumstances in which looking at your phone could be considered rude. You should avoid taking your phone out in any setting where you are supposed to be paying attention to other people, including classroom settings, office meetings, during any sort of conversation or argument, etc. Give yourself another way to check the time with a fashionable timepiece.

Get Regular Compliments

People tend to compliment others on things that catch their eyes, and a stylish wristwatch could sure do the trick. Not convinced the compliments are worth it? A 2012 study illustrates the importance of regular compliments flawlessly. When discussing the study’s findings, professor and study lead Norihiro Sadato reported that “to the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded money,” so put on your most stylish wristwatch, and let the compliments roll in.

Know the Time When You Need It

Although many of us can rely on our cell phones to tell the time, there are still certain people who must rely on wristwatches. For example, a pilot who needs to know what time it is cannot rely on his smartphone, which tends to die after so many hours of use. Military personnel, too, cannot rely on things like cell phones to tell the time, and watches are one of the only accessories they are allowed to wear with their uniforms. If your profession or lifestyle does not require the reliability of a wristwatch, consider the convenience of being able to simply look at your wrist for the time rather than dig your phone out of your pocket.

Start a Collection

Collecting timepieces can be a satisfying and affordable new hobby because you can sort watches into all kinds of categories. Maybe you want to find a stylish wristwatch in every color or featuring every face shape imaginable. Perhaps your watch collection will feature one timepiece per function, including dive watches and pieces with GPS. Whatever you decide to focus your timepiece collection on, you’ll soon find that collecting something you can both wear and use is very satisfying.

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