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Why Shop For Watches At Taki? Part One

dreamstime_10172215When it comes to shopping online, there is certainly no shortage of retailer options; the watch industry is no exception. With familiar name brands and other options, you might be wondering: “Why exactly should I be watch shopping at Taki Watches?” We’re so glad you asked! Besides our high-quality craftsmanship, sleek designs, and use of reliable timekeeping movements, there are a number of benefits to watch shopping at Taki:

Watch Crystal Replacement

A watch crystal is the clear protective covering over a watch face. At Taki Watches, we manufacture each timepiece with a hardened crystal face that is scratch resistant and durable. If your watch’s crystal face gets damaged, we’ll replace it for $39.00, plus shipping and handling. You’ll get your watch back repaired and ready to wear in an average of two days.  

Water Resistance

All Taki Watches are designed to resist water. Please keep in mind that Taki Watches are not waterproof, and they should never be submerged as this will void the watch’s warranty. They can withstand small amounts of water such as accidental splashing. We do not recommend showering in your Taki watch.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Taki Watches, we’re committed to your satisfaction. If you receive a defective timepiece, simply send it back for a free replacement. You must request a replacement for a defective product within one year of the purchase date. Covered damage includes factory defects and associated problems only.

For more benefits of shopping at, see part two. To buy luxury watches online, browse our colorful collection of watches for sale.

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