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The Wristwatch Through Time

How Our Designer Watches are Just the Latest in Timekeeping Innovations

m1-bgThough functionally replaced by cell phones, wristwatches remain popular this far into the 21st century because of one major aspect: their use as a fashion status symbol. Being sought after for their simple fashion design and trendy head-turners, wristwatches actually had a very specific, very utilitarian beginning.

It may surprise many to know that the origins of the wrist watch began in the trenches of Europe during World War I. It was the military that first saw the logical need of a watch that didn’t need to be removed from a pocket in order to use. Watches worn on the wrist allowed soldiers engaged in military operations throughout Europe the ability to quickly ascertain the time through the chaos of combat.

Labeled dismissively as “bracelet watches” the trend was slow to catch on in the United States, even after women of Europe began sporting the innovative accessory socially. Watchmakers across the globe started to recognize the feasibility of the new trend and began to build watches for the wrist in droves after the war ended.

Marketing the wristwatch also reflected its military beginnings. Many manufacturers targeted men as their next potential customer, implying that wearing a wristwatch would make them more like a soldier, more masculine and rugged. Others remarked that wristwatches were “the most useful piece of jewelry that has been invented in many decades,” according to an article that appeared in New York Times during that time.

These days, it is arguable that wristwatches are not favored for their functionality as clocks are as ubiquitous to daily life as one could expect. Thanks to cell phones, computer screens and even coffee makers, finding the answer to the question “what time is it?” is seemingly as simple as turning your head. If you are wearing a wristwatch, it’s probably because you are a fan of the personal design that a quality designer watch offers.

At Taki, we strive to reflect that passion for quality wristwatches that so many timepiece devotees experience. With a wide variety of colorful watches, we offer the fashion conscious among us an affordable space to shop for men’s and women’s designer watches online. We invite you to browse our eclectic collections now and welcome any of your comments, questions or concerns.  

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