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Show Your True Colors by Wearing Your Favorite Taki Watch

What Your Quality Watch Says About You

We wholeheartedly believe that color choice is inherently tied to an individual’s personality. Which is exactly why we choose vibrant, dynamic colors for the faces and straps of our unique watches. Psychology experts have tied color to personality for decades and, through our own research and development, we have found that the same type of people seem to naturally gravitate towards the same colors in quality watches. Maybe there’s something to this science? You tell us.

According to many experts, your favorite color reveals your personality. What’s yours?

colorful red quality watches by Taki Red – Choosing red means that you are impulsive, live as an extrovert and experience (and display) a wide range of emotions. You live life to its fullest but are quick to judge others and aren’t afraid to express your opinion. orange designer watch Orange – As a good-natured person, you easily make friends. You have a talent for small talk and easy laughter but don’t engage in deep relationships very easily. You are at your best in occupations where you can work in a dynamic team environment. Yellow – Though standoff-ish at points, you would never be described as shy. Logical and clear-headed, you are good at planning but not so great at implementing those plans. Those around you know you for your superior mind. You consistently seek self-fulfillment. Green – Sensibility and respectability are your strong points. As a well-balanced person, you are both sociable and results-oriented. Liking parties, you are outspoken, have many friends and tend to be affectionate towards your companion. A consistent need for affirmation is your one tiny flaw. Blue – A natural introvert, you are introspective and hard-working. Those who love blue tend to be more successful than their counterparts, as you don’t shy away from responsibility or obligation. You can be egotistical and opinionated but you are sensitive to the needs and emotions of others. Arden Black PurplePurple – Whether you are an artist yourself, or a true advocate of art and all things creative, lovers of purple look for harmony, gentility and courtesy in all manners of daily living. You continue to yearn for a utopian style of living in all that you do. Tying personality into our watch designs, we are the trusted source for unique quality watches available anywhere on the internet.

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