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Shop Square Face Watches at Taki


Close your eyes and imagine a clock. Done? Awesome! What did you see? When most of us imagine a clock, we see a round clock face, but square face wristwatches offer the same functionality with all the unique style provided by the geometric case. Which watch face shape do you prefer? If you answered square, then please keep reading to learn about some of our favorite square face watches available here at Taki. We offer a wide variety of colorful, contemporary watches.

Square Face Contemporary Watches For Men

10168The Bryant ($109.00)

Available in four different color combinations, our Bryant collection features the largest square face designed by Taki so far. With the beautiful gator-patterned leather band and the black buckle, bezel, and case, any one of the available colors offers the wearer a bold yet sophisticated accessory. The pictured wristwatch features a stylish navy and cream color combo. Visit the page linked above to view the other color options available in this collection.

Penn Cream OliveThe Penn ($79.99)

With a stylized watch face and a smooth cowhide band, this wristwatch offers all of the luxury our customers expect with none of the heavy expense. This unique and sophisticated timepiece is available in two refined color palettes. The pictured watch features a cream and olive combination for those who are looking for just a bit of color. This sleek, boldly designed luxury watch will both complement a sophisticated, modern style and also demand attention. View the other color option by clicking the link above.

Square Face Contemporary Watches For Women

Hope Olive YellowThe Hope ($79.99)

This unique wristwatch is offered in only one color, but the refined olive and yellow combination offers the perfect balance between bold and stylish. This timepiece features an overlapping band, a small, square face, and a black buckle, bezel, and case. Pair it with a neutral ensemble to let this contemporary watch have its time in the limelight, or let it be just one of the many modern, stylish accessories you wear on a daily basis. Learn more about this wristwatch by visiting the page linked above.

Ginny Pink BlackThe Ginny ($109.00)

Is your collection of contemporary watches missing the coveted pink and black color combination? Why not opt for a wristwatch that is truly unique with the Ginny collection? This square face timepiece is available in two color combinations. The pictured pink and black offers a close look at the fun, vibrant color and the comfortable lizard leather band. This watch may be small, but it has no problems with catching the eye. Check out the orange and brown color combo by following the link above to the full collection.

If none of these timepieces catch your eye, be sure to check out the rest of our contemporary timepieces available online. At Taki, we strive to offer our customers expertly designed and crafted timepieces to match any outfit, personality, or preference. Shop with us to find your perfect Taki watch today. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us online!

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