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Shop Red Faced Watches at Taki


Welcome to Taki, your top choice to buy luxury watches online. Do you want to make a statement through your everyday accessories? Why not invest in a watch with a pop of red to draw the eye? Red has been called the color of love and passion as well as the color of anger and violence, but however you perceive this color, you can’t deny it’s attention-grabbing qualities. Lovers of the color red will swoon at our wide selection of colorful watches. Keep reading for an introduction to six of our sleek designs, all of which feature a red face for that perfect pop of color.

Red Faced Watches For Men

Kasson Burgandy Light GreyThe Kasson ($109.00)

The Kasson is one of our most varied collections, featuring a wide variety of color and leather band texture options. The pictured color option includes a dark burgundy face to complement that sophisticated yet dramatic style. This timepiece features a neutral-colored snake-skin textured leather band with black loops, a black buckle, and a black bezel and case for a sleek look that will go great with a variety of clothing choices. Click on the above link to discover the other color and band texture options available in the Kasson collection.

Valley Red GreyThe Valley ($79.99)

This red-faced watch from our Valley collection offers the perfect neutral yet cool accessory for both day and night. Wear this stylish timepiece to work, and watch as it transitions effortlessly at the end of the day when you prepare for a night on the town. With a unique two-tone face, neutral, gray leather band, and a pop of yellow on the second hand, this wristwatch will grab just the right kind of attention. Do you prefer blue over red? Check out the other color options available for the Valley by visiting the page linked above.

Hugo Red CamelThe Hugo ($109.00)

If a neutral band doesn’t offer you enough color, consider this vibrant and attention-grabbing red-faced color option of the Hugo. This watch features a smooth, camel-colored cowhide band for optimal comfort and a black buckle, bezel, and case for a refined finish. This timepiece will complement your everyday style whether you pair it with neutrals or decide to experiment with color complements by joining this pop of red with something green. Click the above link to see the other bright color options in the Hugo collection.

Red Faced Watches For Women

Melrose Red BlueThe Melrose ($109.00)

Just in case the blue, textured cowhide band isn’t enough of an attention grabber, this color option in the Melrose collection offers a bold pop of red in the face. Black contrasts with white in this unique design, the black buckle, bezel, and case distinct against the blue band and white band loops, but it’s the red that really lends this timepiece it’s dramatic look. You’re sure to make a statement with this wristwatch. Pair it with a variety of colors for a unique, bright style. Would you prefer a pink face on your timepiece? Check out the other color options by clicking the link above.

Virginia Red Light BlueThe Virginia ($109.00)

Featuring a very similar color palette to the Melrose timepiece introduced above, this color option in the Virginia collection offers the same bright colors in a smaller, more geometric package. This cute timepiece features the same textured cowhide as the Melrose as well as the same blue band and red face coloring. The square watch face simultaneously brings more drama to this timepiece while also making the red more subtle in the 26mm face. Red stitching on the band creates a detailed, bright, and fun watch. Discover the other color options for this petite timepiece by visiting the above linked Virginia collection.

Kato Red SaddleThe Kato ($59.99)

The accent stitching on this stylish and unique timepiece is just a taste of this trendy design. With a black buckle, bezel, and case, this timepiece offers a remarkable example of contemporary sophistication. The smooth cowhide band ensures optimal comfort for the wearer, and the red face finds a complement in the small green second hand. Pair this wristwatch with other bright colors for a summery look, or play with complements, opting for more greens and blues. The Kato collection features a variety of fun color combinations. See them now by clicking the link above.

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