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Shop Green Watches at Taki


Embrace your love for the color green with an affordable designer watch from Taki. We utilize a wide variety of greens in our collections from olive to lime. Whatever shade or hue you most prefer, we’re bound to have something in our collection that suits your fancy. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite green selections, or shop our collections for yourself to find the perfect Taki watch for you.

Green Watches For Men

Alex Green Dark GreyThe Alex ($109.00)

This collection offers the wearer a large 45mm, easy-to-read watch face within a sleek and fashionable design. The smooth dark cowhide band and black buckle, bezel, and case featured in the pictured timepiece creates a bold yet cultivated style perfect for any man searching for a way to liven up his look. The vibrant green watch face is sure to catch attention while the neutral band and accents keep this timepiece easily in the realm of sophistication. If you prefer more olive-like green colors, check out the color combination options for the Alex.

Jordan Black OliveThe Jordan ($109.00)

Let your timepiece reflect your love of nature with this affordable designer watch in one of the green color combinations. Crafted with a ballistic nylon band to be both utilitarian as well as stylish, the Jordan wristwatch is perfect for the man who is always on the move. The pictured option features a green ballistic band with orange thread and accents for a fun, vibrant, and fashionable watch. Discover the other green color options for the Jordan by visiting the page linked above.

Rondo Black LimeThe Rondo ($109.00)

Do you like to stand out? If your personal style is bold and bright, you’ll love the Rondo, one of the boldest wristwatches among our selection of affordable designer watches. Featuring a thick, smooth leather band in lime green, a large 50mm watch face with large, easy to read numbers, and a unique, geometric buckle, this timepiece doesn’t just make a statement; it makes more than one! The black and lime color combination is the only option, so this wristwatch is truly one of a kind. You won’t believe all of the small details, such as the blue second hand and the colorful accents.

Green Watches For Women

Harriet Pink OliveThe Harriet ($109.99)

This stylish watch offers the wearer the perfect balance between fashion and durability. A smooth cowhide band and mid-sized 35mm face ensure a comfortable wear. If you’re a fan of the color green, you may be familiar with the popular pink and green color combination. The pictured Harriet color option includes an olive band, pink band loops, and a dual-toned, pink and olive watch face to make the most of these beautiful colors. Let your love of the color green shine with a cute pop of pink for a that little extra something.

Maple Orange OliveThe Maple ($109.00)

You’ll love all the little details that went into crafting the Maple collection. From the small color details in the hour markers to the bright orange thread, band loops, and watch face, the olive-colored leather band is just a small part of this stylish timepiece. The black buckle, bezel, and case keep this timepiece sleek and sophisticated, lending even more of a modern look to this trendy watch. Pair this green timepiece with red or blue to play with color complements, or wear it with a neutral ensemble to really let it shine!  

Park Lime OliveThe Park ($109.00)

If green is your favorite color, just take a look at this color combination option found in the Park collection. A smooth cowhide, olive-colored band is detailed with lime band loops and even more green in the watch face. Accessorize with this verdant timepiece to throw a pop of green into all of your favorite outfits. If you’re not feeling quite so much green, click the link above to visit the Park collection page. This collection also includes an adorable orange and lime color combination option.

No matter which color you prefer, we’re bound to have a watch for you. Browse our selection of affordable designer watches today, and be sure to check out the deal of the week! Have questions? You can contact Taki via our online contact form.

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