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The Right Size Face For Your Wrist

What is the best fashionable watch size for your wrist?

It is no secret that at Taki Watch, you have an almost endless selection of watch styles to choose from. With so many fashionable watch choices, it can be hard to know what style is the best for your wrist. The last thing we want you to do is get a watch you are not satisfied with; so we have included some tips and pointers to help you select the right size face for your wrist, ensuring your Taki Watch is exactly what you imagined.

It all starts with the right proportion.Shop for your favorite style now!

As humans, we are innately drawn to things in natural balance. When it comes to your wrist, for your watch to truly stand out as a fashionable one for all the right reasons, you must consider its actual size. What that means is – if your wrist is small, choose a smaller faced watch like the Eagan or perhaps the Crystal.

You may be thinking to yourself, how do you know if your wrist is big or small? Well for starters, you can actually measure it and see for yourself. If your wrist is between six to seven inches around, then you are considered to have a small wrist and should stick with small faced styles. If your wrist is larger than seven inches you will look best wearing a large faced style.

Once you know the size of your wrist you can begin to pick out the right fashionable watch for yourself!

Any of our watch faces measuring between 38-42mm will be suitable for those with small wrists. Choosing a watch face that measures between 44-46mm is going to be more proportional for those with large wrists. Although the case setting and bandwidth do play into the overall size of your watch, what is most noticeable is the actual face itself. Do not make your watch stand out for all the wrong reasons; instead get one that fits your wrist and makes a bold, fashionable statement. Whether you are looking for something bold, bright and beautiful, or something a little more contemporary, it is the size of the face that is going to make all of the difference on you.

At Taki Watches we offer a wide selection of both men’s and women’s fashionable watches, so no matter what size wrist you have, there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. There is the perfect watch for everyone, get yours online today, and receive free shipping.

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