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How To Properly Wear A Wristwatch

drinking waterAt Taki, we’re not going to stifle anyone’s creativity, and we truly invite you to wear your accessories however it is you like them. That being said, wearing a wristwatch properly can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and functionality. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you’re wearing your watches properly.

How To Wear A Wristwatch

Choose The Most Convenient Wrist

Which wrist you wear your watch on will depend on your personal preference and hand dominance. Typically, both men and women wear watches on their nondominant wrists in order to protect the watch and ensure comfort. For example, a right-handed laborer wouldn’t want to wear a watch on his or her right hand, where it’s most likely to get knocked or scratched throughout the workday. It can also be easier for some people to write without watch bands resting under their wrists.

Strive For Snug Comfort

Sizing your wristwatch to your wrist requires balancing comfort with a snug, but not tight, fit. If your watch leaves marks on your skin, the band needs to be loosened. As a rule, your watch should be able to move up and down on your wrist but not side to side.

Avoid the Wrist Bone

For optimal comfort, position your watch below the wrist bone on your arm. Some watches, especially women’s watches, aren’t made to be worn this way, but the typical wristwatch will fit your wrist below the bone comfortably.

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  1. Marcus Coons says:

    Thanks a lot for mentioning how you should use your watch below your wrist bone. It is important to remember that knowing how to properly use your watch can help you have the time in an easy-to-get-place and be comfortable with it. My son is turning 15 in a few weeks and I want to give him a watch, so I’m glad I found your page.

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