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Offering Time in Full Color


Here at Taki, we are in the business of offering watches featuring pure design and top craftsmanship at affordable prices, but what really sets us apart is the dose of color we lend to every design. When we claim to offer time in full color, we mean it, giving every online shopper the opportunity to find the perfect colorful watches to match their personalities, personal styles, and daily endeavors. Shop for colorful watches online at Taki to discover what time in full color means to you.

Colorful Watches For Men

Hugo BlackHugo Black YellowKenwood Purple NavyKenwood Camel Black

The Hugo ($109.00)

Male lovers of color won’t believe the number of color combinations available in this simple, sleek design. From straightforward blue and black to unique combos like orange and olive or red and camel, the Hugo collection offers something for everyone. Are you a fan of yellow? The black and yellow Hugo offers a bold, stylish wristwatch, the vibrant leather band contrasting fashionably with the black round watch face. Looking for something a little bit more toned down? The brown and cream Hugo offers all of the style and design our customers expect from Taki in two contrasting neutral colors.   

The Kenwood ($109.00)

Our Kenwood collection offers even more color combination options, many of them more subdued than the colors featured in the Hugo collection. Those working in offices or other professional settings will love the camel and black or the white and light gray color options, and those looking for something a bit more fun will rejoice at the blue and brown or the purple and navy color combo options. Featuring a 43mm face and an easy-to-read dial, your Kenwood will keep you on time while also lending a new level of style to your look.  

Kato Grey PinkKato Green YellowPark Pink PurplePark Purple Light Blue

Colorful Watches For Women

The Kato ($59.99)

A unique watch face design and many bright colors make each color combination option in the Kato Collection truly special. Do you like pink? You simply must check out the gray and pink Kato. Accented stitching and a black buckle, bezel, and case create the perfect opportunity for the pink to pop right off of your wrist. Lovers of nature can enjoy the attention-grabbing colors of the sun and grass with the green and yellow Kato, and there are two more options where those came from.

The Park ($109.00)

Show off your United States patriotism with the blue and red color combination in our Park Collection, or show off your girly side with the pink and purple option. With a 34mm face and a smooth cowhide band, your Park timepiece will offer you the perfect balance between comfort and style. Accented stitching, colorful second hands, and black buckles, bezels, and cases, all of our Park color combination options offer excellent examples of fashionable wristwatches.

If not one of these timepieces caught your eye, no worries! We have dozens of collections, each with its own list of color combinations, so you’re bound to find the perfect Taki watch for you. Please contact us with any questions, and enjoy your time in full color!

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