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Show Your True Colors by Wearing Your Favorite Taki Watch

What Your Quality Watch Says About You We wholeheartedly believe that color choice is inherently tied to an individual’s personality. Which is exactly why we choose vibrant, dynamic colors for the faces and straps of our unique watches. Psychology experts have tied color to personality for decades and, through our own research and development, we […]

Which Wrist to Wear Your Watch

How to properly wear your quality watch. When it comes to your Taki Watch, we know you want to show off its color and fashionable style the best way possible. No matter what style you choose, your watch says a lot about you; why not wear your watch the right way, so everyone knows what […]

Offering Time in Full Color

Here at Taki, we are in the business of offering watches featuring pure design and top craftsmanship at affordable prices, but what really sets us apart is the dose of color we lend to every design. When we claim to offer time in full color, we mean it, giving every online shopper the opportunity to […]

Shop Green Watches at Taki

Embrace your love for the color green with an affordable designer watch from Taki. We utilize a wide variety of greens in our collections from olive to lime. Whatever shade or hue you most prefer, we’re bound to have something in our collection that suits your fancy. Keep reading to learn about some of our […]

The Right Size Face For Your Wrist

What is the best fashionable watch size for your wrist? It is no secret that at Taki Watch, you have an almost endless selection of watch styles to choose from. With so many fashionable watch choices, it can be hard to know what style is the best for your wrist. The last thing we want […]

Shop Square Face Watches at Taki

Close your eyes and imagine a clock. Done? Awesome! What did you see? When most of us imagine a clock, we see a round clock face, but square face wristwatches offer the same functionality with all the unique style provided by the geometric case. Which watch face shape do you prefer? If you answered square, […]

The Wristwatch Through Time

How Our Designer Watches are Just the Latest in Timekeeping Innovations Though functionally replaced by cell phones, wristwatches remain popular this far into the 21st century because of one major aspect: their use as a fashion status symbol. Being sought after for their simple fashion design and trendy head-turners, wristwatches actually had a very specific, […]

Shop Red Faced Watches at Taki

Welcome to Taki, your top choice to buy luxury watches online. Do you want to make a statement through your everyday accessories? Why not invest in a watch with a pop of red to draw the eye? Red has been called the color of love and passion as well as the color of anger and […]

Shop Stylish Purple Watches at Taki

Are you shopping for colorful watches? If you love purple, you’ll love the selection of stylish purple timepieces available online here at Our large selection is as varied as are the personalities of the customers who shop with us, and lovers of purple won’t have any trouble finding the perfect wristwatch. Keep reading to […]

How To Properly Wear A Wristwatch

At Taki, we’re not going to stifle anyone’s creativity, and we truly invite you to wear your accessories however it is you like them. That being said, wearing a wristwatch properly can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and functionality. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you’re wearing your watches properly. […]