Which Wrist to Wear Your Watch

How to properly wear your quality watch.

When it comes to your Taki Watch, we know you want to show off its color and fashionable style the best way possible. No matter what style you choose, your watch says a lot about you; why not wear your watch the right way, so everyone knows what a fashion icon you truly are?

You may be thinking to yourself, how can there be a right way to wear my watch? You are right; technically there is no one RIGHT way to wear your watch, but there is the best way, emphasizing its beauty and its style. If you have your Taki Watch on right now, look down at your wrists. Which wrist is it on?

Quality watches for sale online You may have noticed, men wear their watch on one wrist while women tend to wear it on another. There is no correct side to wear your watch and generally speaking, many people just wear it on the wrist that feels most natural. At this point, putting your watch on is probably a subconscious thing you do. The next time you put your watch on, though, you may want to take this into consideration before you do.

Right or left, your non-dominate hand is just easier.

Which hand you wear your watch on has been analyzed throughout time, but the truth is it does not matter. Men are not supposed to wear it on the right where women do on the left; it is not a wedding band, it is a fashion statement that serves a purpose.

For most, the wrist you choose to wear your watch on is opposite of your dominant hand. Think about when you are at work; you use your dominant hand more frequently and if your watch was on that same wrist, you may find it uncomfortable. Whether typing, writing, or even working out, you do not want something getting in the way of your natural movements. Not only does wearing you watch on your non-dominant hand make things more comfortable, but it is also easier to tell the time when you lift your wrist to see the face of your watch.

Ultimately the decision is up to you, though. Whether you choose your right or your left wrist, all that matters that you wear your watch with pride. Shop our wide selection of quality watches online now and get free shipping on your order today.

Offering Time in Full Color


Here at Taki, we are in the business of offering watches featuring pure design and top craftsmanship at affordable prices, but what really sets us apart is the dose of color we lend to every design. When we claim to offer time in full color, we mean it, giving every online shopper the opportunity to find the perfect colorful watches to match their personalities, personal styles, and daily endeavors. Shop for colorful watches online at Taki to discover what time in full color means to you.

Colorful Watches For Men

Hugo BlackHugo Black YellowKenwood Purple NavyKenwood Camel Black

The Hugo ($109.00)

Male lovers of color won’t believe the number of color combinations available in this simple, sleek design. From straightforward blue and black to unique combos like orange and olive or red and camel, the Hugo collection offers something for everyone. Are you a fan of yellow? The black and yellow Hugo offers a bold, stylish wristwatch, the vibrant leather band contrasting fashionably with the black round watch face. Looking for something a little bit more toned down? The brown and cream Hugo offers all of the style and design our customers expect from Taki in two contrasting neutral colors.   

The Kenwood ($109.00)

Our Kenwood collection offers even more color combination options, many of them more subdued than the colors featured in the Hugo collection. Those working in offices or other professional settings will love the camel and black or the white and light gray color options, and those looking for something a bit more fun will rejoice at the blue and brown or the purple and navy color combo options. Featuring a 43mm face and an easy-to-read dial, your Kenwood will keep you on time while also lending a new level of style to your look.  

Kato Grey PinkKato Green YellowPark Pink PurplePark Purple Light Blue

Colorful Watches For Women

The Kato ($59.99)

A unique watch face design and many bright colors make each color combination option in the Kato Collection truly special. Do you like pink? You simply must check out the gray and pink Kato. Accented stitching and a black buckle, bezel, and case create the perfect opportunity for the pink to pop right off of your wrist. Lovers of nature can enjoy the attention-grabbing colors of the sun and grass with the green and yellow Kato, and there are two more options where those came from.

The Park ($109.00)

Show off your United States patriotism with the blue and red color combination in our Park Collection, or show off your girly side with the pink and purple option. With a 34mm face and a smooth cowhide band, your Park timepiece will offer you the perfect balance between comfort and style. Accented stitching, colorful second hands, and black buckles, bezels, and cases, all of our Park color combination options offer excellent examples of fashionable wristwatches.

If not one of these timepieces caught your eye, no worries! We have dozens of collections, each with its own list of color combinations, so you’re bound to find the perfect Taki watch for you. Please contact us with any questions, and enjoy your time in full color!

Shop Green Watches at Taki


Embrace your love for the color green with an affordable designer watch from Taki. We utilize a wide variety of greens in our collections from olive to lime. Whatever shade or hue you most prefer, we’re bound to have something in our collection that suits your fancy. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite green selections, or shop our collections for yourself to find the perfect Taki watch for you.

Green Watches For Men

Alex Green Dark GreyThe Alex ($109.00)

This collection offers the wearer a large 45mm, easy-to-read watch face within a sleek and fashionable design. The smooth dark cowhide band and black buckle, bezel, and case featured in the pictured timepiece creates a bold yet cultivated style perfect for any man searching for a way to liven up his look. The vibrant green watch face is sure to catch attention while the neutral band and accents keep this timepiece easily in the realm of sophistication. If you prefer more olive-like green colors, check out the color combination options for the Alex.

Jordan Black OliveThe Jordan ($109.00)

Let your timepiece reflect your love of nature with this affordable designer watch in one of the green color combinations. Crafted with a ballistic nylon band to be both utilitarian as well as stylish, the Jordan wristwatch is perfect for the man who is always on the move. The pictured option features a green ballistic band with orange thread and accents for a fun, vibrant, and fashionable watch. Discover the other green color options for the Jordan by visiting the page linked above.

Rondo Black LimeThe Rondo ($109.00)

Do you like to stand out? If your personal style is bold and bright, you’ll love the Rondo, one of the boldest wristwatches among our selection of affordable designer watches. Featuring a thick, smooth leather band in lime green, a large 50mm watch face with large, easy to read numbers, and a unique, geometric buckle, this timepiece doesn’t just make a statement; it makes more than one! The black and lime color combination is the only option, so this wristwatch is truly one of a kind. You won’t believe all of the small details, such as the blue second hand and the colorful accents.

Green Watches For Women

Harriet Pink OliveThe Harriet ($109.99)

This stylish watch offers the wearer the perfect balance between fashion and durability. A smooth cowhide band and mid-sized 35mm face ensure a comfortable wear. If you’re a fan of the color green, you may be familiar with the popular pink and green color combination. The pictured Harriet color option includes an olive band, pink band loops, and a dual-toned, pink and olive watch face to make the most of these beautiful colors. Let your love of the color green shine with a cute pop of pink for a that little extra something.

Maple Orange OliveThe Maple ($109.00)

You’ll love all the little details that went into crafting the Maple collection. From the small color details in the hour markers to the bright orange thread, band loops, and watch face, the olive-colored leather band is just a small part of this stylish timepiece. The black buckle, bezel, and case keep this timepiece sleek and sophisticated, lending even more of a modern look to this trendy watch. Pair this green timepiece with red or blue to play with color complements, or wear it with a neutral ensemble to really let it shine!  

Park Lime OliveThe Park ($109.00)

If green is your favorite color, just take a look at this color combination option found in the Park collection. A smooth cowhide, olive-colored band is detailed with lime band loops and even more green in the watch face. Accessorize with this verdant timepiece to throw a pop of green into all of your favorite outfits. If you’re not feeling quite so much green, click the link above to visit the Park collection page. This collection also includes an adorable orange and lime color combination option.

No matter which color you prefer, we’re bound to have a watch for you. Browse our selection of affordable designer watches today, and be sure to check out the deal of the week! Have questions? You can contact Taki via our online contact form.

The Right Size Face For Your Wrist

What is the best fashionable watch size for your wrist?

It is no secret that at Taki Watch, you have an almost endless selection of watch styles to choose from. With so many fashionable watch choices, it can be hard to know what style is the best for your wrist. The last thing we want you to do is get a watch you are not satisfied with; so we have included some tips and pointers to help you select the right size face for your wrist, ensuring your Taki Watch is exactly what you imagined.

It all starts with the right proportion.Shop for your favorite style now!

As humans, we are innately drawn to things in natural balance. When it comes to your wrist, for your watch to truly stand out as a fashionable one for all the right reasons, you must consider its actual size. What that means is – if your wrist is small, choose a smaller faced watch like the Eagan or perhaps the Crystal.

You may be thinking to yourself, how do you know if your wrist is big or small? Well for starters, you can actually measure it and see for yourself. If your wrist is between six to seven inches around, then you are considered to have a small wrist and should stick with small faced styles. If your wrist is larger than seven inches you will look best wearing a large faced style.

Once you know the size of your wrist you can begin to pick out the right fashionable watch for yourself!

Any of our watch faces measuring between 38-42mm will be suitable for those with small wrists. Choosing a watch face that measures between 44-46mm is going to be more proportional for those with large wrists. Although the case setting and bandwidth do play into the overall size of your watch, what is most noticeable is the actual face itself. Do not make your watch stand out for all the wrong reasons; instead get one that fits your wrist and makes a bold, fashionable statement. Whether you are looking for something bold, bright and beautiful, or something a little more contemporary, it is the size of the face that is going to make all of the difference on you.

At Taki Watches we offer a wide selection of both men’s and women’s fashionable watches, so no matter what size wrist you have, there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. There is the perfect watch for everyone, get yours online today, and receive free shipping.

Show Your True Colors by Wearing Your Favorite Taki Watch

What Your Quality Watch Says About You

We wholeheartedly believe that color choice is inherently tied to an individual’s personality. Which is exactly why we choose vibrant, dynamic colors for the faces and straps of our unique watches. Psychology experts have tied color to personality for decades and, through our own research and development, we have found that the same type of people seem to naturally gravitate towards the same colors in quality watches. Maybe there’s something to this science? You tell us.

According to many experts, your favorite color reveals your personality. What’s yours?

colorful red quality watches by Taki

Red – Choosing red means that you are impulsive, live as an extrovert and experience (and display) a wide range of emotions. You live life to its fullest but are quick to judge others and aren’t afraid to express your opinion.

orange designer watch Orange – As a good-natured person, you easily make friends. You have a talent for small talk and easy laughter but don’t engage in deep relationships very easily. You are at your best in occupations where you can work in a dynamic team environment.

Yellow – Though standoff-ish at points, you would never be described as shy. Logical and clear-headed, you are good at planning but not so great at implementing those plans. Those around you know you for your superior mind. You consistently seek self-fulfillment.

Green – Sensibility and respectability are your strong points. As a well-balanced person, you are both sociable and results-oriented. Liking parties, you are outspoken, have many friends and tend to be affectionate towards your companion. A consistent need for affirmation is your one tiny flaw.

Blue – A natural introvert, you are introspective and hard-working. Those who love blue tend to be more successful than their counterparts, as you don’t shy away from responsibility or obligation. You can be egotistical and opinionated but you are sensitive to the needs and emotions of others.

Arden Black PurplePurple – Whether you are an artist yourself, or a true advocate of art and all things creative, lovers of purple look for harmony, gentility and courtesy in all manners of daily living. You continue to yearn for a utopian style of living in all that you do.

Tying personality into our watch designs, we are the trusted source for unique quality watches available anywhere on the internet.

Order your favorite online now to enjoy special pricing, free shipping and our flexible return policy on all orders. Have fun browsing our collection of designer watches and please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Shop Square Face Watches at Taki


Close your eyes and imagine a clock. Done? Awesome! What did you see? When most of us imagine a clock, we see a round clock face, but square face wristwatches offer the same functionality with all the unique style provided by the geometric case. Which watch face shape do you prefer? If you answered square, then please keep reading to learn about some of our favorite square face watches available here at Taki. We offer a wide variety of colorful, contemporary watches.

Square Face Contemporary Watches For Men

10168The Bryant ($109.00)

Available in four different color combinations, our Bryant collection features the largest square face designed by Taki so far. With the beautiful gator-patterned leather band and the black buckle, bezel, and case, any one of the available colors offers the wearer a bold yet sophisticated accessory. The pictured wristwatch features a stylish navy and cream color combo. Visit the page linked above to view the other color options available in this collection.

Penn Cream OliveThe Penn ($79.99)

With a stylized watch face and a smooth cowhide band, this wristwatch offers all of the luxury our customers expect with none of the heavy expense. This unique and sophisticated timepiece is available in two refined color palettes. The pictured watch features a cream and olive combination for those who are looking for just a bit of color. This sleek, boldly designed luxury watch will both complement a sophisticated, modern style and also demand attention. View the other color option by clicking the link above.

Square Face Contemporary Watches For Women

Hope Olive YellowThe Hope ($79.99)

This unique wristwatch is offered in only one color, but the refined olive and yellow combination offers the perfect balance between bold and stylish. This timepiece features an overlapping band, a small, square face, and a black buckle, bezel, and case. Pair it with a neutral ensemble to let this contemporary watch have its time in the limelight, or let it be just one of the many modern, stylish accessories you wear on a daily basis. Learn more about this wristwatch by visiting the page linked above.

Ginny Pink BlackThe Ginny ($109.00)

Is your collection of contemporary watches missing the coveted pink and black color combination? Why not opt for a wristwatch that is truly unique with the Ginny collection? This square face timepiece is available in two color combinations. The pictured pink and black offers a close look at the fun, vibrant color and the comfortable lizard leather band. This watch may be small, but it has no problems with catching the eye. Check out the orange and brown color combo by following the link above to the full collection.

If none of these timepieces catch your eye, be sure to check out the rest of our contemporary timepieces available online. At Taki, we strive to offer our customers expertly designed and crafted timepieces to match any outfit, personality, or preference. Shop with us to find your perfect Taki watch today. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us online!

The Wristwatch Through Time

How Our Designer Watches are Just the Latest in Timekeeping Innovations

m1-bgThough functionally replaced by cell phones, wristwatches remain popular this far into the 21st century because of one major aspect: their use as a fashion status symbol. Being sought after for their simple fashion design and trendy head-turners, wristwatches actually had a very specific, very utilitarian beginning.

It may surprise many to know that the origins of the wrist watch began in the trenches of Europe during World War I. It was the military that first saw the logical need of a watch that didn’t need to be removed from a pocket in order to use. Watches worn on the wrist allowed soldiers engaged in military operations throughout Europe the ability to quickly ascertain the time through the chaos of combat.

Labeled dismissively as “bracelet watches” the trend was slow to catch on in the United States, even after women of Europe began sporting the innovative accessory socially. Watchmakers across the globe started to recognize the feasibility of the new trend and began to build watches for the wrist in droves after the war ended.

Marketing the wristwatch also reflected its military beginnings. Many manufacturers targeted men as their next potential customer, implying that wearing a wristwatch would make them more like a soldier, more masculine and rugged. Others remarked that wristwatches were “the most useful piece of jewelry that has been invented in many decades,” according to an article that appeared in New York Times during that time.

These days, it is arguable that wristwatches are not favored for their functionality as clocks are as ubiquitous to daily life as one could expect. Thanks to cell phones, computer screens and even coffee makers, finding the answer to the question “what time is it?” is seemingly as simple as turning your head. If you are wearing a wristwatch, it’s probably because you are a fan of the personal design that a quality designer watch offers.

At Taki, we strive to reflect that passion for quality wristwatches that so many timepiece devotees experience. With a wide variety of colorful watches, we offer the fashion conscious among us an affordable space to shop for men’s and women’s designer watches online. We invite you to browse our eclectic collections now and welcome any of your comments, questions or concerns.  

Shop Red Faced Watches at Taki


Welcome to Taki, your top choice to buy luxury watches online. Do you want to make a statement through your everyday accessories? Why not invest in a watch with a pop of red to draw the eye? Red has been called the color of love and passion as well as the color of anger and violence, but however you perceive this color, you can’t deny it’s attention-grabbing qualities. Lovers of the color red will swoon at our wide selection of colorful watches. Keep reading for an introduction to six of our sleek designs, all of which feature a red face for that perfect pop of color.

Red Faced Watches For Men

Kasson Burgandy Light GreyThe Kasson ($109.00)

The Kasson is one of our most varied collections, featuring a wide variety of color and leather band texture options. The pictured color option includes a dark burgundy face to complement that sophisticated yet dramatic style. This timepiece features a neutral-colored snake-skin textured leather band with black loops, a black buckle, and a black bezel and case for a sleek look that will go great with a variety of clothing choices. Click on the above link to discover the other color and band texture options available in the Kasson collection.

Valley Red GreyThe Valley ($79.99)

This red-faced watch from our Valley collection offers the perfect neutral yet cool accessory for both day and night. Wear this stylish timepiece to work, and watch as it transitions effortlessly at the end of the day when you prepare for a night on the town. With a unique two-tone face, neutral, gray leather band, and a pop of yellow on the second hand, this wristwatch will grab just the right kind of attention. Do you prefer blue over red? Check out the other color options available for the Valley by visiting the page linked above.

Hugo Red CamelThe Hugo ($109.00)

If a neutral band doesn’t offer you enough color, consider this vibrant and attention-grabbing red-faced color option of the Hugo. This watch features a smooth, camel-colored cowhide band for optimal comfort and a black buckle, bezel, and case for a refined finish. This timepiece will complement your everyday style whether you pair it with neutrals or decide to experiment with color complements by joining this pop of red with something green. Click the above link to see the other bright color options in the Hugo collection.

Red Faced Watches For Women

Melrose Red BlueThe Melrose ($109.00)

Just in case the blue, textured cowhide band isn’t enough of an attention grabber, this color option in the Melrose collection offers a bold pop of red in the face. Black contrasts with white in this unique design, the black buckle, bezel, and case distinct against the blue band and white band loops, but it’s the red that really lends this timepiece it’s dramatic look. You’re sure to make a statement with this wristwatch. Pair it with a variety of colors for a unique, bright style. Would you prefer a pink face on your timepiece? Check out the other color options by clicking the link above.

Virginia Red Light BlueThe Virginia ($109.00)

Featuring a very similar color palette to the Melrose timepiece introduced above, this color option in the Virginia collection offers the same bright colors in a smaller, more geometric package. This cute timepiece features the same textured cowhide as the Melrose as well as the same blue band and red face coloring. The square watch face simultaneously brings more drama to this timepiece while also making the red more subtle in the 26mm face. Red stitching on the band creates a detailed, bright, and fun watch. Discover the other color options for this petite timepiece by visiting the above linked Virginia collection.

Kato Red SaddleThe Kato ($59.99)

The accent stitching on this stylish and unique timepiece is just a taste of this trendy design. With a black buckle, bezel, and case, this timepiece offers a remarkable example of contemporary sophistication. The smooth cowhide band ensures optimal comfort for the wearer, and the red face finds a complement in the small green second hand. Pair this wristwatch with other bright colors for a summery look, or play with complements, opting for more greens and blues. The Kato collection features a variety of fun color combinations. See them now by clicking the link above.

When you buy luxury watches online at Taki, your order within the continental United States will ship for free! Shop today.

Shop Stylish Purple Watches at Taki

Are you shopping for colorful watches? If you love purple, you’ll love the selection of stylish purple timepieces available online here at TakiWatches.com. Our large selection is as varied as are the personalities of the customers who shop with us, and lovers of purple won’t have any trouble finding the perfect wristwatch. Keep reading to learn about some of our selections, or shop all of our collections now.

Purple Watches For Men

Afton Light Purple GreyCrosby Black PurpleKenwood Purple Navy

The Afton ($109.00)

If you’re searching for just a pop of purple, the Afton makes a great choice. The smooth cowhide leather band is neutrally colored with a 41mm light purple face in order to offer the perfect balance between a classic wristwatch and contemporary style. A classic yet stylish watch, you can wear this timepiece everywhere you go.

The Crosby (On Sale $79.99)

If the purple textured gator band doesn’t catch others’ attentions, the unique face on this retro timepiece certainly will. The Crosby wristwatch makes the perfect choice for any man searching for a stylish, colorful watch. The modern details on this timepiece keep it contemporary. Take a look at the cool, numberless dial, which includes its own subtle pop of purple.

The Kenwood ($109.99)

Combine your love for the color purple with your second love for the color blue with this stylish watch. The Kenwood offers a dramatic color palette with the purple face and a navy blue band. These striking colors are brought into balance by the timepiece’s classic round, 43mm face. The all leather band ensures a comfortable fit.  

Purple Watches For Women

Calhoun Light Purple Dark GreySibley Black PurpleCrystal Purple Light Grey

The Calhoun ($109.00)

The Calhoun collection was inspired by floral color combinations, such as this timepiece, which features a lavender face and a dark gray, neutral band. This timepiece makes the perfect choice for the fun professional who’s looking for just a pop of purple. This casual yet sophisticated wristwatch makes a great summer accessory.

The Sibley (On Sale $79.99)

This wristwatch truly makes a statement with its black rectangular face and a purple band made of genuine leather. The black face adds drama to the already unique shape, and the blue cross detail complements the light blue band loops. This contemporary timepiece was carefully designed to provide Taki customers with a fashionable and adaptable watch.

The Crystal ($109.00)

If a large watch face isn’t your style, you might go with the Crystal collection. This wristwatch features a 24mm face colored in a fun, bright purple. The purple face and other blue details are balanced by a neutral colored band and the black bezel and case. This timepiece is perfect for lovers of color who don’t necessarily want to wear large watches.

If none of these wristwatches caught you eye, don’t worry! Our wide selection of colorful watches includes many more purple timepieces. Shop today to find your next favorite watch. Have a question or comment? We can be conveniently contact via this online form.

How To Properly Wear A Wristwatch

drinking waterAt Taki, we’re not going to stifle anyone’s creativity, and we truly invite you to wear your accessories however it is you like them. That being said, wearing a wristwatch properly can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and functionality. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you’re wearing your watches properly.

How To Wear A Wristwatch

Choose The Most Convenient Wrist

Which wrist you wear your watch on will depend on your personal preference and hand dominance. Typically, both men and women wear watches on their nondominant wrists in order to protect the watch and ensure comfort. For example, a right-handed laborer wouldn’t want to wear a watch on his or her right hand, where it’s most likely to get knocked or scratched throughout the workday. It can also be easier for some people to write without watch bands resting under their wrists.

Strive For Snug Comfort

Sizing your wristwatch to your wrist requires balancing comfort with a snug, but not tight, fit. If your watch leaves marks on your skin, the band needs to be loosened. As a rule, your watch should be able to move up and down on your wrist but not side to side.

Avoid the Wrist Bone

For optimal comfort, position your watch below the wrist bone on your arm. Some watches, especially women’s watches, aren’t made to be worn this way, but the typical wristwatch will fit your wrist below the bone comfortably.

Now that you know how to wear your wristwatch, check out our collection of fun, contemporary watches.