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The Basic Anatomy Of A Wristwatch

dreamstime_xxl_39325303If you’ve shopped for watches before or browsed through our website, you’ve probably come across certain vocabulary that you are not familiar with. A lot of little, complicated parts go into putting time in the palm of your hand, and we use terms in this industry that you may have never heard before. Let’s take a look at the basic anatomy of a watch by defining its most basic features.

What Are The Basic Parts Of A Watch?


The band, or strap, of a wristwatch is what holds the timepiece to the wrist. If this part is made of metal, then it is called the “bracelet.” Taki bands are available in a variety of colors and are made from genuine leather or ballistic nylon.


The grooved ring, typically made of metal, that holds the watch crystal in place is called a bezel. Taki bezels are stainless steel to ensure high-quality and long-lasting timepieces.


The case is what surrounds the inner workings of the timepiece, protecting the movement and securing the bezel and back of the watch.


The small knob you use to hand-set a wristwatch is called the crown. It screws into the watch’s case and connects to the internal movement.


The watch crystal is the transparent glass that covers and protects the dial from being exposed to water, particles, etc. It also reduces glare. Taki watch crystals are hardened and scratch resistant. You can even get a replacement crystal from Taki for a nominal fee.


The dial is the part of a watch that allows you to read the time. It is the clock face, sometimes complete with hour markers. Styles and materials vary.


Although they vary in shape, size, color, and style, watch hands are the part of the watch that points to the current time. There are typically three hands on a watch to indicate the hour, minute, and second.


You can think of a watch’s movement as its engine. The movement is what allows the watch to keep time, and it also powers the timepiece. Taki uses Japanese movements to ensure reliable timekeeping.

Now that you’re familiar with the basic anatomy of a wristwatch, you can shop Taki Watches with a new understanding. Check out our selection of bold, colorful watches now.

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